Adding a Youtube Video

It's easier than you think. Easily add Youtube videos or almost anything other type of multimedia you may have online (i.e. Slideshare, Mortgage Calculators, Widgets, etc.)


Adding Content

Whether it's photos, links or files - adding content to your website is simple.


CREA DDF Feed Set Up Guide

Does your brokerage participate in the National Share Pool of listings with CREA? If so, you could be showing even more listings on your website.


Domain Name Set Up Guide

If you registered a domain another company you can still use it with your ClientClick website. This document explains everything you need to know to proceed.


Website Statistics and Google Analytics

Our websites offer basic site statistics (number of hits per page for a specific date range) and listings statistics but you can easily implement Google Analytics tools for more in depth statistics and tracking of your website activity.


Search Engine Optimization - Best Practices

This document is meant to provide a basic understanding of key principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that you can improve your website’s visibility on the internet.